Superintendent Evaluation Workshop

Two primary responsibilities of a school board are to hire a superintendent and evaluate their performance. School boards exercise great care in finding the right  person to lead their district, and an equal amount of care is needed to develop a  clear and effective process for evaluating a superintendent’s performance in that  role. The topics in MSBA’s Superintendent Evaluation workshop include: 

  • Overview of strategic governance model and why it’s important
  • Discussion of the Board’s role in evaluating the superintendent
  • Review of the Goals- and Standards-Based Evaluation process
  • Review of model policies 205 and 406
  • Consideration of Do’s and Don’ts of the evaluation process

Workshop activities include: 

  • Developing superintendent goals
  • Developing school board goals
  • Identifying superintendent performance standards and evidence
  • Clarifying timeline, expectations, and next steps 

Each board member and the superintendent receive a copy of MSBA’s Goals- and  Standards-Based Superintendent Evaluation: A Resource for School Board  Members and Superintendents. This booklet contains guidance on the process,  sample evaluation forms, and other material board members can adapt for their  district’s specific needs.  

The knowledge this workshop provides helps board-superintendent teams clarify expectations and goals, as well as build trust and open communication practices regarding performance evaluations. Cost is $1,395 in-district ($1,095 virtual) and  includes all time and materials. This workshop is available only to MSBA members. 

For more information please contact Barb Dorn, Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search, at 507-508-5501 (cell), or

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