Developing Mutual Expectations

Conducted in a retreat setting, this activity allows board members and administrators to develop ground rules or clear the air concerning the unwritten norms, behavior, responsibilities, etc., they have concerning how they work together as a team. This is an excellent activity for boards who are just beginning to work together, is in a pairing arrangement, or for boards who are undergoing some stress in their relationships.

This is essentially a process led by a facilitator rather than a content presentation. After establishing some minimal ground rules, members brainstorm all their ideas/expectations in a round-robin fashion. The facilitator then leads a discussion of each item.

The expectations to be explored can include any or all of the following:

  • Board of Board
  • Board of Chair
  • Chair of Board
  • Board of Superintendent
  • Superintendent of Board
  • Board of Other Administration
  • Other Administration of Board

If you have any questions concerning this activity, please contact Katie Klanderud at the MSBA office at 507-934-2450 or 800-324-4459 or

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Cost: Contact MSBA office at 800-324-4459 for current pricing information.

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