MSBA In District Workshop: Hiring the Right Superintendent

One of the most important decisions a school board will ever make is to choose a new superintendent. As part of MSBA’s commitment to board leadership, we offer a Hiring the Right Superintendent workshop to help school boards learn about the process for conducting a successful superintendent search.

Workshop topics include:
• Whether to use a consultant
• How to work with a consultant
• Setting a timeline
• Developing qualifications and selection criteria
• Involving stakeholders and the media
• Dealing with internal candidates
• Legal pitfalls
• Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
• Deliberating in public
• Q & A regarding superintendent search options and best practices

Each board member receives a booklet with sample vacancy announcement, application form, interview questions, reference check form, and other material board members can adapt for their district’s specific needs.
The foundational knowledge this workshop provides helps school boards feel confident in the board’s decision-making process regarding the superintendent search, as well as fully prepared to take their next steps. Cost is $1,395 in-district ($1,095 virtual) and includes all time and materials. This workshop is available only to MSBA members.

For more information to schedule a workshop please contact MSBA’s Barb Dorn at 800-324-4459 (ext. 121), 507-508-5501 (cell), or

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