School Board Self-Evaluation

Areas of Assessment 

  • Conduct and Ethics (7 benchmarks)
  • Vision (5 benchmarks)
  • Structure (6 benchmarks)
  • Accountability (4 benchmarks)
  • Advocacy and Communication (5 benchmarks)

The School Board Self-Evaluation is intended to be an evaluation of the effectiveness of your entire board taken as a whole, as opposed to an individual self-assessment. We realize this will present some problems for you when you do the ratings. However, do the best you can to consider how the board operates as a whole and on the average. In other words, one isolated instance where your performance was not particularly brilliant should not justify a low rating. However, a pattern of behavior would merit a high, average, or low rating.

After we have received all the completed forms, MSBA will compute and chart the results. An MSBA staff member will come to your district and lead a discussion of the results and how your board can improve in those areas you perceived as low. We suggest this be done at a special meeting to create a more relaxed, sharing atmosphere. At no point will any one person’s scores be revealed to anyone else.

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Cost: Contact Gail Gilman at 800-324-4459 or for current pricing and additional information.

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