Strategic Goals

The MSBA Board of Directors set the following strategic goals in February 2017. The MSBA Board set objectives for each goal and MSBA staff developed tasks to attain each goal / objective. The bar graphs indicates the percent complete for each goal.

Goal: Implement a plan to increase member awareness and help prepare Minnesota’s school boards and school leaders for Minnesota’s changing demographics in order to maximize the success of all students.


Goal: MSBA Staff — Position and advance MSBA as the “Go-To” educational association in Minnesota.


Goal: Ensure MSBA services are aligned and relevant to the current and future needs of members.


Goal: MSBA Board — Position and advance MSBA as the “Go-To” education association in Minnesota


Goal: Promote the mission and image of MSBA and public education


Goal: Develop and implement a transition plan for the future staffing and membership needs.


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