Ideas for Charter School Policies

Some ideas for the new charter school policies listed in order of difficulty.

1 – Add Charter Policy Files to Existing Policy Records

  • Just requires uploading files to existing policy records
  • Would not affect searching
  • Preview would be ISD policy, same as now
  • Would not be a good option if lauguage differs greatly between ISD and charter version

2 – Create a Simple Accordion for Charter Policy File Downloads

  • Download links within a similar accordion format that ISD polcies use.  Howver not identical.
  • Accordion could be put on its own page or within the resource library accordion
  • No preview page for the policy, it only downloads.
  • Should not show within search results, but need to double check with John

3 – Add Charter Polices just like we do ISD Policies

  • Would give charter schools the same experience as ISD, such as preview page and searching.
  • Programing would be require to differentiate charter and ISD policies in entry, searches and resource library listing.
  • More time required to get them entered and up on the website after programing work is completed.

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