Board Development

Resources related to board member role and responsibilities

District Operations

Resources that help administrators manage school districts


Resources related to elections for school board member referendums, and bonds.

Human Resources

Resources related to employment including sample contracts, evaluations, ULA, and Tier Licensure.

School Law

Resources related to specific Federal and State laws including MSBA’s Law Bulletins

Data Hub

Resources related to teacher settlement data

Meeting Management

Resources that help school boards manage all types of school board meeting including sample resolutions


Resources related to mandatory and recommend school district policies

  • US Department of Education Guiding Principles – A Resource Guide
    for Improving School Climate and Discipline
  • Facility Use Agreement Template
  • Facilities Use Request Form
  • Minnesota Department of Education Grants
  • State Auditor: New Statement on Position on Fund Balances for
  • Local Governments (GASB 54 Version) Revised 2014
  • School Resources for Healthy Living
  • School Resources for Physical Living
    Education Acronyms Revised 2016
  • Glossary of Education Terms Revised 2016
  • Minnesota House Research Department Education Resources
  • Useful Links
  • Facilities Use Rules
  • Avoid Costly ACA Penalties
  • Cybersecurity: What School Districts Need to Know
  • Harassment: What School Boards and Administrators Need to Know
  • Cybersecurity: What School Districts Need to Know PPT Presentation
  • Mandated Annual Notifications Chart
  • Legal Requirements for School Board Members
  • Running for School Board Brochure
  • Running for School Board Brochure: A Primer for School Board
  • 2020 Special Elections Timeline (Bonds)
  • 2020 Election Timeline for School Districts WITHOUT a Primary
  • 2020 Operating Levy Referenda Election Timeline
  • New Combined Polling Place Resolution for Special Elections
  • School Board Member Referenda Do’s and Don’ts
  • Official Oath and Acceptance of Office Form
  • Ceremonial Oath of Office
  • Chapter 14 – Election Manual
  • Attachment H – Reauthorization of Board Approved Referendum
  • Attachment H – Reauthorization of Board Approved Referendum
  • Law Bulletin D – School District Referendum Revenue Authorization
    Procedure and Down Payment Levy Procedure
  • Chapter 14 – Appendixes 1-16
  • Chapter 14 – Appendix 17a Minnesota Adavit of Candidacy for
    School Board Revised 2015
  • Chapter 14 – Appendix 17b Address of Residence form Revised 2014
  • Chapter 14 – Appendixes 18-59
  • Chapter 14 – Appendix 69 Campaign Financial Report Revised 2914
  • Chapter 14 – Appendixes 61-66
  • Political Campaign and Activities Policy
  • Sample Oath of Office for New School Board Members
  • Interim Superintendent Model Contract
  • Superintendent Evaluation Resources
  • A Goals and Standards-Based Superintendent Evaluation: A
    Resource for School Board Members and Superintendents
  • Sample Superintendent Evaluation Forms
  • Superintendent Job Description
  • Superintendent Model Contract
  • Principals Model Agreement
  • Non-Licensed Employees Model Agreement
  • Teachers Model Agreement
  • Tier 2 Teacher Article Model Agreement Language
  • Tier 1 Teacher Contract
  • Tier 2 Teacher Contract
  • Tier 3 Teacher Contract
  • Tier 4 Teacher Contract
  • Unrequested Leave of Absence (ULA) Comparison Chart
  • Placement of Teachers on Unrequested Leave and Non-Renewal of
    Probationary Teacher Contracts (Law Bulletin N)
  • ECFE Teachers Article Model Agreement Language
    Substitute Teacher Contract
  • MSBA Tier 1 Licensure Checklist
  • MSBA Tier 2 Licensure Checklist
  • MSBA Tier 3 Licensure Checklist
  • MSBA Tier 4 Licensure Checklist
  • PSEO By Contract
  • Template for PSEO by Contract
  • PSEO By Contract – Post Secondary Options Act
  • PSEO By Contract – Minnesota State Policy: Post-Secondary
    Enrollment Options Program
  • PSEO By Contract – Minnesota State Policy: Post-Secondary
    Enrollment Options System Procedures
  • PSEO By Contract – Sample Language
  • PSEO By Contract – List of PSEO Courses Covered
  • Minnesota’s New Tier Licensure System
  • Tiered Licensure FAQ’s: Responses to Webinar Questions
  • ESSA Made Easy for School Board Members
  • ESSA State Plan Development Timeline
  • Title Page/MSBA Directory Revised July 2019
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 13 – Law Bulletins
  • Law Bulletin F – School District Contract and Bidding Procedures
  • Law Bulletin I – School Records; Privacy; Access to Data
  • Form 3 – Application for Temporary Classification of Government
  • Form 7 – Handling Data Challenges
  • Form 12 – Minnesota Standard Consent Form to Release Health
  • Form 12 – Additional Information (Informed Consent)
  • Form 23 – Informed Consents for the Use and Release of
    Government Data
  • Form 24 – Sample Data Access Policy for Members of the Public
  • Form 25 – Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects
  • Form 26 – Worksheet for Developing Data Practices Policies
  • Form 27 – Policy for Ensuring the Security of Not Public Data
  • Law Bulletin M – Fact Sheet #28: FMLA Act Revised 2012
  • Law Bulletin M – FMLA Forms
  • Law Bulletin N – Placement of Teacher on Unrequested Leave and
    Non-Renewal of Probationary Teacher Contracts
  • Law Bulletin P – Duties of School Districts Relating to Enforcement of
    the Compulsory Attendance Laws for Students Who Do Not Attend
    Public Schools
  • 2012 Military Pay Law
  • Veterans’ Preference Act – 100 Point Hiring System
  • Minnesota Revisor of Statues
  • MSBA Briefing on Issues Relative to Transgender Students in Public
  • NSBA FAQ’s on Transgender Students in School Revised 2016
  • Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA) FAQ’s Revised 2015
  • Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA) Group Insurance Bid
    Comparison Tool Revised 2015
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue’s Truth-in-Taxation Website
  • The Janus Court Decision
  • Responses to Janus Webinar Questions
  • Administrative Salary and Benefits 2016
  • 2019-20 Teacher Settlement Worksheet
  • 2017-19 Teacher Settlement Spreadsheet
  • 2019-21 Teacher Settlement Spreadsheet
  • Teacher Settlement Data
  • Teacher Master Agreements
  • Closed Meeting Chart
  • Dates with Meeting Restrictions
  • Guidelines for Meeting Minutes
  • How to Write and Keep Meeting Minutes
  • Model Board Calendar
  • Parliamentary Procedure Card
  • Parliamentary Procedure Overview
  • Sample Board Meeting Agenda
  • Special Voting Situations Chart
  • The First Monday in January Booklet
  • Thinking of Adding a Student School Board Member
  • Board Model Calendar
  • Board Model Guidelines for Outside Organizations Supporting School
  • Resolution Regarding Board Control of Extracurricular Activities
    (GASB 84)
  • School Board Meeting Readiness for Clerks
  • The Organizational Meeting
  • What Board Members Really Need to Know About Parliamentary
  • The Organizational Meeting PPT
  • Mandatory Policies List
  • Annual Review Policies List
  • MSBA/MASA Policy Reference Manual
  • MSBA Model Student Handbook
  • Policy Services Newsletter
  • Political Campaigns and Activities Policy

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