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For 2024 legislative session: MSBA unveils new Advocacy Dashboard

By Kimberley Dunn Lewis

Welcome to the future of advocacy! We are excited to introduce our new tool, the MSBA Advocacy Dashboard (log-in required), designed to transform the way you engage and mobilize support for public education at the state Capitol. In a world driven by information and connectivity, effective advocacy is more crucial than ever, and the MSBA Advocacy Dashboard is here to empower you!

The MSBA Advocacy Dashboard is a dynamic and user-friendly platform that streamlines the advocacy process. Our tool provides the essential features and resources you need to amplify your voice and drive meaningful change at the Capitol. Access the Advocacy Dashboard to see (log-in required):

  • MSBA 2024 Platform with Talking Points
  • Schedule of education hearings by day
  • Education bill introductions
  • List of education committee members for both House and Senate
  • MSBA X (Formerly Twitter) feed

The MSBA Dashboard is a centralized hub that not only helps you identify key issues and legislators, but also helps facilitate collaboration with the MSBA Government Relations team and lawmakers. From tracking legislative updates to keeping up with social media, the MSBA Dashboard equips you with the tools to stay informed and increase your influence.

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