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You asked. We answered. MSBA has sought out experts in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) field to provide expertise and guidance to our members.

MSBA’s DEI providers are Kinect Education Group, Stanton Adams Consulting and the Diversity Institute, and the YWCA Minneapolis.

MSBA understands that each school district is unique and may have already started work around DEI or needs help getting started – or is somewhere in-between. MSBA invites your school leaders to reach out to these organizations to find the best fit for your school district.

MSBA-Approved Providers

Kinect Education Group

Kinect Education Group is a women-owned and Black-owned diversity education organization that focuses on helping P-20 institutions learn more about how to create an inclusive learning environment.

The Kinect Education Group’s unique approach focuses on the critical diversity needs of educational institutions and presents opportunities to achieve belonging and inclusion. The changing demographics of our school systems makes creating a safe place for all students to learn a necessity rather than a nicety. Turn to the Kinect Education Group for ongoing inclusion work.

Contact: Dr. Kelly S. Meier
Senior Partner

Key resources

  • MSBA members can visit the Kinect Education Group website to download a free copy of Choose Inclusion by entering “MSBA” in the coupon code at checkout. Choose Inclusion is a complete Inclusion Plan Workbook that provides the school community with a template for creating a districtwide inclusion plan.

Stanton Adams Consulting/
The Diversity Institute

For 15 years, Stanton Adams Consulting has been a premier diversity and inclusion consulting firm.

Stanton Adams Consulting’s work has helped organizations in the public, private, nonprofit, and educational sectors realize the value of diversity and inclusion.

Stanton Adams’ subsidiary, The Diversity Institute, focuses on training the next generation of DEI leaders

Contact: Cecilia Stanton Adams
Chief Executive Officer

Key resources

YWCA Minneapolis

YWCA Minneapolis helps organizations of all kinds — businesses, governments, and nonprofits — transform performance through the power of inclusion. Inclusivity is the bedrock of any successful workplace, and is a guiding principle that nurtures understanding, opportunity and harmony between employees. By appreciating the differences and commonalities of its people, your team can create a more productive, innovative, and positive work environment that drives better results.

The YWCA Minneapolis’ Inc.lude™ Diversity and Inclusion Consulting empowers your organization to build more inclusive and productive workplaces for all your employees. Through diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs, the YWCA Minneapolis will work with you to help improve employee dynamics.

Together, you and your YWCA Minneapolis diversity and inclusion consultant can craft a custom solution to achieve your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals, whether those include simple assessments or the development of new inclusivity initiatives.

Contact: Luna Allen-Bakerian
Race Equity and Public Policy Strategist

Key resources

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