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One of the most important decisions a school board will ever make is to choose a new superintendent.

As the school district’s chief executive officer, the superintendent is responsible for providing district-wide leadership, implementing the school board’s policies and ensuring the school board’s priorities are met. Ultimately, hiring the right superintendent — someone who possesses the skills and attributes needed to help achieve your school district’s vision and strategic priorities — requires time, thoughtful planning, and sound recruitment and employment processes and procedures.

MSBA-led searches are based on one clear premise: every search is conducted through the lens of school board leadership. MSBA’s search team will professionally handle all details of the search and guide the school board through the entire process. The MSBA search team will also customize the search to meet the needs of the school district and community, allowing the school board to concentrate on the most important aspects of the search — interviewing the most qualified candidates and selecting the next superintendent to lead their district.

MSBA is a member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers

The National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) is comprised of more than 100 professional superintendent search consultants from 39 states who exclusively represent the best interests of school boards throughout the country. As a member of NASS, MSBA has access to a nationwide network to notify a national market of your district’s vacancy, as well as connections with other state associations to gather vital reference and work-history verification concerning out-of-state applicants.

With a strong track record of support and collaboration, NASS harnesses the skills and experiences of search professionals committed to the NASS mission of finding top executive leadership for school districts throughout the United States through our core values — ethics, integrity, leadership, and teamwork. MSBA is a proud member of this national network and will bring these connections to all Minnesota searches.

“MSBA was invaluable in guiding our district’s search process. Their training and guidance were exemplary as they helped the board navigate the decisions we needed to make – reminding us that this was our process.”

– Board Member, Bloomington Public Schools

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