Teacher Licensure Task Force – Thursday, November 7

Teacher Licensure Task Force – Thursday, November 7

The meeting opened with a welcome and review of the agenda by co-chairs John Bellingham and Chris Smith. Following the welcome, the committee heard reports from the four groups involved with the listening session held during Education Minnesota’s fall conference. John Bellingham, Chris Smith, Jim Barnhill and Steve Hornstein gave reports and assistant commissioner Rose Hermodsen provided her impressions of the sessions. Several task force members also contributed individual impressions and related particular stories heard in the session they attended. The task force then discussed the input received from the listening sessions.

Following a short break, the task force was divided into five sub-groups to brain storm ideas surrounding five or six general options concerning the Basic Skills tests. The sub-group spent 3 to 5 minutes on an option and then moved to the next option. Following this exercise, the options were posted, and Rose discussed how the task force would finalize its recommendations. Prior to the next scheduled meeting, the co-chairs and Rose would meet to consolidate the thoughts on each option, send out the results to the task force members, and ask for feedback. Task force members were instructed to come to the next scheduled meeting (December 5) prepared to make decisions concerning perspective recommendations.

The consolidated thoughts on each option should be posted shortly on MDE’s website under the task force heading.  Rose also reminded the task force that it had only the next meeting and the meeting scheduled on January 16, 2014, to finalize its recommendations which are due to the legislature by February 1, 2014.

Submitted by Bill Klautt – Associate Director of Management Services – Minnesota School Boards Association

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