Summary of Career Pathways and Technical Education Advisory Task Force

Summary of Career Pathways and Technical Education Advisory Task Force

Career Pathways and Technical Education Advisory Task Force

October 7, 2013 – second meeting

The first item on the agenda was:  “ACT Data – What Does it Tell Us?”  Steve Dibb and Paula Palmer from Minnesota Department of Education prepared a presentation to help us understand how the ACT is applicable to the work of the task force.  They reinforced that MN students consistently demonstrate strong performance on the ACT.  In Minnesota 74% of the high school graduates take the test and of the states who have over 50% participation we scored the highest composite score.  We are strongest in English and weakest in Science.  The bad news is that after drilling down by race and ethnicity we have the largest achievement gap.  Currently we have 66% of our 8th graders taking the  ACT EXPLORE and 85% of our 10th graders taking the PLAN.  In the final analysis of these tests the department concluded there is a mismatch between the skills students have versus their career aspirations.

Next on the agenda, Karen Hynick of MnSCU and Daniel Hoverman, Superintendent at Mounds View highlighted the the alignment of high school to higher education.  Dual Credit Programs were highlighted (AP/IB/PSEO/Concurrent Enrollment/CLEP).

Superintendent Dan Hoverman highlighted the Mounds View their Career Pathways and Technical Education strategic plan and reform which focuses on:  equity for all learners, moving the middle by providing more support and opportunities for college credit options, student connectedness and alignment of all policies and procedures in all areas  aligned to the ultimate goal of Equity.

Finally, on the agenda was rigorous coursework waivers.  The department recapped the legislation that allows school boards flexibility in the administering of rigorous coursework. Two high schools, Minnetonka and Southwest presented how this flexibility has produced innovation in their schools.

The next meeting is Monday, October 28th at 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Department of Education.  All materials are located on the department website:

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