Study group pushes MDE, BOT, BOSA to consolidate licensure under one agency

Study group pushes MDE, BOT, BOSA to consolidate licensure under one agency

The Legislative Study Group on Educator Licensure met on July 21 in St. Paul where the Department of Education (MDE), the Minnesota Board of Teaching (BOT) and the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) testified regarding their roles and responsibilities in implementing the teacher and superintendent licensure program in Minnesota.

Rep. Jenifer Loon asked for clarification from BOT Executive Director Erin Doan on the BOT’s position on the Legislative Auditor’s recommendation to consolidate the licensing of teachers under one agency. Doan said the BOT had changed their position in the last week and now supports consolidating the duties of licensing under one agency.

At that point, Sen. Chuck Wiger (one of two study group co-chairs, with Rep. Sondra Erickson being the other) asked all three organizations if they could get together before the next meeting to propose a new model comprised of a single agency overseeing teacher and superintendent licensing in Minnesota. All three organizations agreed to this request, declaring it an official “homework assignment.”

Very similar to the teacher licensure recommendation, the study group’s co-chairs “assigned” another homework assignment related to the Legislative Auditor’s recommendation to create a more clear, streamlined and tiered licensure system. Once again, the three entities agreed to work together to develop a tiered system for the licensure of teachers and superintendents.

Sen. Wiger expressed great hope that if the experts at the table would come up with a Governance Model for Consolidation and a Tiered Licensure Model, there would be bipartisan legislation ready to roll out in 2017.

The next study group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23. There’s promise of movement in response to the Legislative Auditor’s report.

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Visit to view the Legislative Auditor’s Minnesota Teacher Licensure Evaluation Report from March 2016.

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