Senate Bill Introductions — March 14, 2022

Senate Bill Introductions — March 14, 2022

The following bills were introduced by the Minnesota State Senate on March 14, 2022. We hope that you monitor these posts, as it keeps you updated and informed about the bills under consideration that may impact school boards and school districts across the state. Whether it is a new mandate, or more/less funding for certain programs it is important for you to know how these bills may impact your district.

Senate Education Finance and Policy Bill Introductions

Bill Number Summary Author

S.F. 3948

A bill for an act relating to education finance; creating a funding formula for English learner cross subsidy aid; increasing special education cross subsidy reduction aid; appropriating money Pappas

S.F. 3954

A bill for an act relating to taxation; property; creating the Small Schools and Cooperative Facilities Grant Act; authorizing facility grants to isolated small school districts; establishing an account in the special revenue fund for certain grants; modifying school district property tax bases; providing that school district bonded debt authorizations approved after June 30, 2025, be levied against referendum market value; enhancing the debt service equalization aid program; appropriating money Goggin

S.F. 3956

A bill for an act relating to education; modifying lead testing and remediation requirements in schools; modifying long-term facilities revenue; requiring a report; appropriating money Chamberlain

S.F. 3968

A bill for an act relating to education; allowing for revocation or denial of a teaching license for certain behavior involving a student Housley

S.F. 3970

A bill for an act relating to taxation; tax increment financing; amending special rules for city of Savage tax increment financing district Port

S.F. 3988

A bill for an act relating to education finance; appropriating money for supplemental aid for school facility construction Bakk

S.F. 4012

A bill for an act relating to education; requiring indexing of English learner programs revenue to basic education revenue; authorizing rulemaking; appropriating money Wiklund

Other Bill Introductions of Interest

Bill Number Summary Author

S.F. 3933

A bill for an act relating to consumer protection; prohibiting certain social media algorithms that target children Chamberlain

S.F. 3960

A bill for an act relating to public safety; judiciary; establishing a right for juveniles to consult with an attorney before an interrogation; requiring notification to parents; requiring record keeping; excluding certain statements made by juveniles from being admitted as evidence in delinquency or criminal proceedings Champion

S.F. 3979

A bill for an act relating to public safety; authorizing the commissioner of public safety to mobilize specialized emergency response teams; clarifying victim request of notification of civil commitment; clarifying Office of Justice Programs in the Department of Public Safety as the designated agency responsible for domestic abuse funding; authorizing the commissioner of public safety to accept donations, nonfederal grants, bequests, and other gifts of money; providing for the expiration of certain reports to the legislature by the Department of Public Safety; defining hazardous materials response teams; modifying the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s questioned identity process; modifying language regarding smoke alarms; modifying crime of computer theft to include copies of data Latz

S.F. 3981

A bill for an act relating to health; providing for the operation of Tribal medical cannabis programs; establishing dual registration of Tribal patients; providing for transportation of medical cannabis by manufacturers registered with Tribal medical cannabis programs; authorizing Tribal compacts regarding medical cannabis; requiring a report Koran

S.F. 3994

A bill for an act relating to housing; appropriating money for the governor’s supplemental housing budget; appropriating money for the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency; appropriating money for the Department of Human Rights to investigate income discrimination in housing; establishing the community stabilization housing program; establishing the strengthening supportive housing model program; modifying eligible uses for loans and grants Draheim

S.F. 4013

A bill for an act relating to state government; modifying provisions governing child care assistance, economic assistance, behavioral health, health care, and health insurance access; making forecast adjustments; requiring reports; transferring money; making technical and conforming changes; allocating funds for a specific purpose; establishing certain grants; appropriating money Wiklund

S.F. 4014

A bill for an act relating to state government; appropriating money for the Department of Health and the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition Practice; amending certain health provisions for health care spending, health plan companies, balanced billing, rural health care, health care providers, suicide prevention, AIDS prevention, community health workers, health disparities, and long-term care facilities; establishing certain fees and surcharges, health professional education and loan forgiveness, and prescription drugs; requiring compliance with federal No Surprises Act; establishing Advisory Council on Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Sentinel Event Review Committee, Law-Enforcement-Involved Deadly Force Encounter Community Advisory Committee, Long COVID Surveillance System, Mercury Surveillance System, and Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Families Act; establishing grants for health professions training sites, primary rural residency training, clinical health care training, drug overdose and substance abuse prevention, climate resiliency, healthy child development, lead remediation, community healing, chronic disease prevention and health disparities, public health education, public health Americorps, Minnesota School Health Initiative, and skin-lightening products public awareness and education; requiring reports Wiklund


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