School Finance Working Group Meeting Update

School Finance Working Group Meeting Update

On Thursday, November 21, the School Finance Working Group met at the Minnesota Department of Education. The St. Paul Public Schools special education team provided an overview of how special education in general is funded in Minnesota with a case study of how special education funding works in St. Paul Public Schools. They discussed the complexities of the formula by presenting St. Paul’s actual data, an overview of teacher pay and the cost of training needed beyond professional development, and some of the challenges with tuition billing and access fees. They also provided a brief history of the 2012 Finance Working Group’s results and how those results were implemented. The presentation included a deck and a hand out that will be provided to all members.

There was a discussion on how future meetings would be structured, including adding extra time on both the front and back end of the scheduled meetings. The December meeting is slated to be dedicated to the English Learner (EL) and a case study on the EL cross-subsidy. January and February are tentatively slated for a discussion on the basic education formula.


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