Resolutions provide board members opportunity to set MSBA’s legislative agenda

Resolutions provide board members opportunity to set MSBA’s legislative agenda


Each year, Minnesota public school boards help shape MSBA’s legislative agenda.

This grass-roots process starts with our school boards — or individual school board members, like you — writing legislative resolutions (and adopting them through board action) before sending them to MSBA.

Think of a resolution as something on your school board’s wish list — a funding or policy item that aligns with your district’s goals to better serve your students.

During the MSBA Delegate Assembly held each December, school board delegates discuss and vote on these legislative resolutions. Resolutions that receive a majority vote become the basis for the MSBA Government Relations staff’s lobbying efforts on behalf of all public school boards in the state.

In December 2017, the Delegate Assembly approved 12 legislative resolutions. For example, one resolution “urged the Legislature to create a task force to study the special education cross-subsidy with timeline and funding considerations.”

MSBA encourages YOU to consider resolutions on issues important to your school board and school district — and to other boards and districts statewide.

When developing your resolution(s), please begin with “Be it resolved that MSBA urges the Legislature to …” to explain the intent of your resolution. If you need help or assistance, contact MSBA’s Grace Keliher ( or Denise Dittrich (

See Pages 18-21 of the September-October 2018 Journal magazine for step-by-step directions on how to write a resolution. Visit to access the Journal magazine.

Visit or visit MSBA’s website to download a Word version of the 2018 Legislative Resolution Form.

Submit resolution form(s) by Friday, September 28, to Barb Hoffman at via email or by fax to 507-931-1515. Or mail to: MSBA, 1900 West Jefferson Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082.

School board members’ voices and advocacy efforts matter! Advocacy is an essential duty for school board members to undertake, as noted in the Standards for School Board Leadership.

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