Opportunities available through Solar for Schools Grant Program

Opportunities available through Solar for Schools Grant Program

Source: Clean Energy Resource Teams

Established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2021, the Solar for Schools Grant Program is designed to stimulate the installation of solar energy systems on Minnesota public schools, while using the opportunity to incorporate renewable energy information into school curriculum.

Schools within Xcel Energy Territory

Schools within Xcel Energy Territory, primarily in the Metro region, must apply directly through Xcel Energy’s program. Visit Xcel Solar*Rewards or email SolarProgramMN@xcelenergy.com to learn more.

Schools Outside of Xcel Energy Territory

The Solar for Schools program for schools not in Xcel territory is managed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The application process consists of a School Readiness Assessment which will demonstrate a school’s readiness to apply for grant funds. Download the Solar for Schools Readiness Checklist [PDF] to prepare for the assessment.

Those schools deemed ready will be invited to complete a Full Grant Application.

For information pertaining to application deadlines or eligibility, to learn more about the program, or to apply for a grant visit the Department of Commerce Solar for Schools Grant Program.

Technical Assistance

CERTs staff provide schools free and unbiased technical assistance at any stage throughout the solar project development process and throughout the grant application process.

For general guidance, view the Menu of Services at https://www.cleanenergyresourceteams.org/solarschools for tips and resources to prepare for solar on your school.

For specific technical assistance requests directly related to the Solar for Schools grant process, contact Peter Lindstrom (612-625-9634 or plindstr@umn.edu) to schedule a meeting. Examples include:

  • Scheduling your CERTs Pre-Application consultation.
  • One-on-one assistance meeting Readiness Assessment requirements.
  • Understanding your Financial Analysis Technical Assistance Report.

Visit https://www.cleanenergyresourceteams.org/solarschools for more information.

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