MSBA Legislative Action Alert – Oppose the Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA)

MSBA Legislative Action Alert – Oppose the Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA)


We need you to contact your state senator now! Please call or write your senator and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and tell them you oppose the Health Insurance Transparency Act (HITA) SF1835 Click here for information.

The Senate is voting on this bill today – Thursday, April 10.

Please deliver this message to your senator(s):

As public education advocates and stewards of taxpayer dollars, it is important to provide locally negotiated, high-quality, cost-efficient health care coverage to every school district employee in the state.

If passed, this bill will result in less efficiency and transparency and increased costs in the management and delivery of our health care plans in the school districts across the state.

Five reasons to oppose HITA:

  • Continually changing health plans. The two-year renewal cycle will require school district management to be in the continual process of gathering, negotiating and implementing bids. Once this process is complete, the open enrollment cycle begins again. Our employees need more long-term stability than what this bill provides.
  • Self-insured school districts should be exempt from the bill. This bill requires a full-scale bid from the Public Employee Insurance Program (PEIP) regardless of the fact that PEIP cannot meet the requirements of self-insured school districts. Self-insured districts will be collecting a bid on only 6 percent of health care costs every two years. This is not efficient.
  • The health care system in our state is in transition. A major shift in how to provide health care to school district employees in the middle of implementing national and statewide health care reform is premature.
  • Requiring a PEIP bid is short-sighted in the ever-changing world of health care.
  • The gift ban for school board members is misguided and misplaced.

 Click here to send a message to Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk.

 Visit to find your senator(s).

 Thank you for your time and advocacy!


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