House Bill Introductions — March 28, 2022

House Bill Introductions — March 28, 2022

The following bills were introduced by the Minnesota House of Representatives on March 28, 2022. We hope that you monitor these posts, as it keeps you updated and informed about the bills under consideration that may impact school boards and school districts across the state. Whether it is a new mandate, or more/less funding for certain programs it is important for you to know how these bills may impact your district.

House Education Finance and Policy Bill Introductions

Bill Number Summary Author

H.F. 4648

A bill for an act relating to education; providing for gender-neutral, single-user restroom and locker room facilities; appropriating money Berg

Other Bill Introductions of Interest

Bill Number Summary Author

H.F. 4628

A bill for an act relating to capital investment; appropriating money from the coronavirus capital projects fund for grants for digital connectivity technology projects and multipurpose community facilities Davnie

H.F. 4653

A bill for an act relating to energy; allowing a public utility to file a program with the public utilities commission to promote the deployment of electric school buses Hollins

H.F. 4654

A bill for an act relating to energy; establishing a supplemental budget for energy and climate change needs; modifying the renewable development account; establishing a water utility energy resilience program; establishing various energy and climate technology investment funds; requiring reports; appropriating money Long

H.F. 4662

A bill for an act relating to motor vehicles; requiring license plates to be issued for the lifetime of the plate holder; allowing the transfer of license plates Heinrich

H.F. 4666

A bill for an act relating to capital investment; authorizing spending to acquire and better public land and buildings and for other improvements of a capital nature with certain conditions; establishing new programs and modifying existing programs; modifying prior appropriations; authorizing the sale and issuance of state bonds; appropriating money Lee

H.F. 4667

A bill for an act relating to taxation; modifying individual income taxes, property taxes, and various other taxes; providing onetime income tax rebates and tax relief; repealing the state general tax; repealing the gross revenues tax on hospitals, surgical centers, health care providers, and wholesale drug distributors; repealing the estate tax; repealing the corporate and individual alternative minimum taxes; eliminating certain income and business taxes and replacing the sales and use tax with a fair tax; making conforming changes; directing rulemaking; transferring money; appropriating money Drazkowski


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