Governor Dayton defends a veto

Governor Dayton defends a veto

Monday at midnight was the last day, hour and minute of the 2015 Legislative Session.  Technically, the Legislature ended on time with our education bill passing off both floors.  As the gavel pounded and the bodies adjourned, there was much chaos and media fanfare. In spite of the rumors of compromise, it was still unclear whether the governor would be vetoing the bill.

The Governor responded today.  He held a press conference and confirmed his intention to veto the Education Omnibus Bill. As an indication of his firm intent a veto letter was distributed to the press. Click here to see an electronic copy of the letter: Gov. Mark Dayton Veto Letter to Speaker Kurt Daudt

In his press conference, he reflected on the negotiations of the past week, as he reiterated his support for universal preK and more money on the formula. He also stated that he had listened and compromised, but was dismayed that the compromise was not accepted. He continued to defend his actions to avoid government shutdown by earlier proposing more money on the formula and giving up his number one priority.

If you would like to watch the Governor’s media availability session, click here:

Here are some interesting facts about the veto process: 

What is a veto?  The Latin word means:  “I forbid”.

What’s the current status of the education bill?  As of this writing, the Governor has not yet been presented with the education bill.

What happens after that?  Once the bill is presented to the Governor, it will trigger a 72 hour window of time for the Governor to veto.  A compromise must be reached, a new bill drafted and voted on. It is important to recall, that the Governor is the only one who can call the lawmakers back into special session to vote on a new bill.  The Governor firmly reiterated that he would not do so until there was a prior agreement on the new language.

How will this impact schools?  Right now there is a great deal of uncertainty for school districts as to their financial status. We will update you as we receive accurate information.

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