Gov. Dayton pocket-vetoes tax bill — what’s next?

Gov. Dayton pocket-vetoes tax bill — what’s next?


As of yesterday at midnight, Gov. Mark Dayton’s pocket veto on the tax bill took effect. By not taking action, the governor is letting the measure expire — abruptly vetoing the entire tax bill.

The most important provision in the bill would have lowered agriculture taxes by 40 percent for current school building bond referendums or for future school district buildings.

This “pocket veto” will reset negotiations between Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders for a special session. Gov. Dayton wants to fix the tax measure, but also is seeking millions of dollars in new spending for the University of Minnesota, clean-water projects and a new light-rail line from downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie.

Special session negotiations will not get any easier because legislative members will be campaigning for re-election across the state. It might be challenging to get enough members to converge at the Capitol to pass the transportation, bonding and taxes bills.

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