Federal competitive grant funding for implementing the Full-Service Community School model

Federal competitive grant funding for implementing the Full-Service Community School model

Earlier in July, the United States Department of Education announced $68 million in grants to support students through Full-Service Community Schools programs.

Key Highlights:

1. FY2022 Grant Competition Brief Overview (a brief summary of the FSCS program regulations and application requirements)

2. Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply (NIA): August 12, 2022.

3. Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: September 12, 2022.

4. Eligible Applicants include a consortium of — (a)(i) One or more LEAs; or (ii) The BIE; and (b) One or more community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, or other public or private entities.

5. While State Education Agencies (SEAs) are potential partners in FSCS application, they are not eligible grantees. The Minnesota Department of Education is not eligible to apply for a grant. However, the Department will consider invitations to partner on Priority 5: State Scaling Grant applications. For Priority 5 applications, the SEA must be a part of a required MOU between all the project partners. A draft MOU is to be submitted with the application and then the MOU would be finalized and resubmitted after the first year (which includes a two year commitment beyond the five year grant period), of the grant period. There is also a required state steering committee (which may be an existing group), and a required independent evaluation for Priority 5. Please contact Jackie Blagsvedt, Jacqueline.Blagsvedt@state.mn.us, to discuss State Scaling grant partnership possibilities.

6. Competitive preference points are available for applications for: Meeting Student Social, Emotional, and Academic Needs (up to 5 points) and Strengthening Cross-Agency Coordination and Community Engagement to Advance Systemic Change (up to 5 points).

7. Applicants must provide matching funds from non-Federal sources, which may be provided in part with in-kind contributions. The amount of required matching funds is not specified.

8. Please forward this grant application announcement to anyone you know who may be interested.

Guiding documents from the Minnesota Department of Education

1. Minnesota’s 2022 Full-Service Community School Grant opportunity documents outline the Minnesota FSCS (evidence-based) model and provide, a general timeline, best practices, roles and responsibilities for FSCS Site Coordinators, requirements for conveying a FSCS Leadership Team, and the Department’s template for creating a FSCS plan. We believe these documents will support you in the process of applying for the 2022 Federal grant opportunity.

2. Find more resources on the Department’s Full-Service Community School webpage.

3. See the list of funded schools in the “FY2022 ARP Full-Service Community School Grant Award Announcement” on the Funding Community Schools page.

Other Resources:

1. The U.S. Department of Education’s Full-Service Community Schools program page includes the link to the published grant opportunity and a link to a general resources page that includes webinars, implementation tools, and much more.

2. The Coalition for Community Schools Gearing up for the federal FSCS Grant page where you can sign up for a consultation/coaching session, stream the “Ready, Set, Apply! An FSCS Grant Series,” and learn about the background of the federal FSCS grant program.

Please email Jackie Blagsvedt at Jacqueline.Blagsvedt@state.mn.us if:

1. you submit a Notice of Intent to Apply (NIA) for the federal grant opportunity.

2. you have any questions about the Minnesota FSCS model.

3. you wish to be connected with other schools across Minnesota that are implementing the Minnesota FSCS model.

4. you wish to be added to or removed from the list of contacts interested in the Full-Service Community Schools model funding and professional development opportunities.

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