Disaster Relief Update: Gov. Dayton requests Presidential Disaster Declaration

Disaster Relief Update: Gov. Dayton requests Presidential Disaster Declaration

Yesterday, Gov. Dayton requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration covering 51 total counties. The request is a major step toward strengthening our disaster recovery efforts after last month’s severe storms and flooding.

Financial assistance from the federal government becomes available when damages from a natural disaster meet a $7.3 million threshold. With $10.8 million in eligible damages documented through preliminary assessments so far and another $55 million in response costs and damages to uninsured public infrastructure reported by local governments, Minnesotans can expect to receive substantial aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

A Presidential Disaster Declaration makes financial assistance available for townships, cities, counties, schools and certain private not-for-profit organizations for uninsured and eligible storm-related damage to public infrastructure.

Examples of eligible expenses include debris removal, emergency protective services and repair or replacement of storm-damaged roads and bridges water control facilities buildings and equipment, municipal utilities and parks and recreational facilities.

If the President declares a major disaster, FEMA would fund 75 percent of approved costs, with Minnesota covering the remaining 25 percent non-federal share.

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