School board members want full funding for concurrent enrollment

School board members want full funding for concurrent enrollment

The MSBA Delegate Assembly (comprised of public school board members from across Minnesota) strongly supported a resolution December 6 for the Legislature to fully fund the concurrent enrollment formula.

The current law provides school districts $150 per pupil enrolled in a concurrent enrollment program, however the state caps total funding of the program. Since the program is underfunded, in 2012 school districts received $35 per credit per student — the district is required to pay the remaining balance. The approved resolution would remove the proration and fund concurrent enrollment students at the full $150 per pupil unit.

The concurrent enrollment program encourages students to participate in postsecondary options and may have significant cost savings for families by providing dual enrollment in high school and college.

According to National Education Statistics Center – Institute of Education Statistics for 2011-12, parents and students save nearly $1,000 per credit per student (when you include room and board, textbooks, fees and tuition) by taking concurrent enrollment.

MSBA will continue to urge the Legislature to eliminate the roadblocks for high school students to access postsecondary credits. One of the roadblocks is underfunding concurrent enrollment programs.

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