Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force — January 13 meeting summary

Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force — January 13 meeting summary

(By Denise Dittrich, MSBA Associate Director of Government Relations)

The Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force met on January 13, 2014. During the meeting, the task force got one step closer to finalizing their recommendations that will be included in its report to the Commissioner and the legislature. The recommendations fall into four categories which the task force identified as important in order to achieve the goal of “College and Career Ready” for high school graduates. The four categories identified are:

  • Career Guidance – four recommendations
  • Experiential Learning – five recommendations
  • Student Transitions – four recommendations
  • System Flexibility – five recommendations

To read each recommendation (which we strongly encourage), visit They are short, clear and concise and if adopted by the Legislature would dramatically change our high schools in Minnesota.

Since the beginning of the task force the missing piece to the discussion has been: How does the State define “Career and College Ready”? The task force now has recommended a working definition. The recommendation is:

“Career (Workforce) and College Readiness” means that a high school graduate has the knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully embark on a career-track for an employment position and can successfully pursue any post-secondary education opportunity whether if be a degree, a diploma or a certificate including the ability to successfully complete credit-bearing coursework at a two-year and four-year college or university.”

The next meeting is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. January 27 (note the change of time). A final report is due February 15, 2014.

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