Advocate for your students during the legislative break

Advocate for your students during the legislative break

Right now legislators are at home on spring break. This is an excellent time to advocate on behalf of our students. Connect with your legislators at town hall meetings or call them and grab a cup of coffee.

OUR MESSAGE: Urge your legislators to increase the Senate and House K-12 budget targets and increase the basic education formula — which will provide greater flexibility for school boards in meeting the World’s Best Workforce goals.

Use your “home-field” advantage.

One good example of using “home-field” advocacy: MSBA participated in (along with the SW/WC Service Cooperative and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators) Monday’s Legislator/School Leader Breakfast Forum. The event was a success with five legislators in attendance (Sen. Gary Dahms, Sen. Bill Weber, Sen. Lyle Koenen, Rep. Tim Miller and Rep. Chris Swedzinski) and school leaders representing 55 public schools from 18 counties.

Legislators had an opportunity to hear from their school leaders, who are responsible for the execution of what is passed into the law in St. Paul. Topics included early childhood, technology, teacher shortage, school calendar, facilities funding, the Health Insurance Transparency Act, and career and technical education. Superintendents provided various examples of challenges that they face in their districts and offered solutions.

Connect with your legislators by attending town hall meetings and/or inviting them for a site visit. Sharing local stories with your legislators is powerful. They need to hear from you to better understand the challenges your districts face.

Visit to find who represents you.

Also we encourage you to compare the House and Senate education policy bills:

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