MSBA Action Alert: Ask House leadership to hold vote on Omnibus Elections Bill

MSBA Action Alert: Ask House leadership to hold vote on Omnibus Elections Bill


The Omnibus Elections Bill (SF 2381/HF 2688) is still awaiting action on the House Floor. Without action, this bill will go nowhere and school boards will still have to comply with having special election to fill a board vacancy.

Without passage of the Elections Bill, school districts across the state will continue to use classroom money to pay for special elections that cost up to $30,000 — instead of simply appointing a person until the next election cycle (usually a 1.5-year appointment or less). These costly elections have ended with a VERY low turnout (e.g. five people for Pine Point, 36 people for Sibley East, and 1 percent to 10 percent turnout for most other districts). With nearly 40 vacancies a year, school districts will end up using millions of dollars to pay for special elections — instead of using that money to help their students achieve.

This bill would restore the ability of school boards to make an appointment to fill a board vacancy. The bill passed on the Senate Floor, but has not yet been scheduled for a floor vote in the House — and the clock is ticking.

Please contact your local House member, House Speaker Kurt Daudt and House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin and urge them to schedule and pass the Omnibus Elections Bill (SF 2381/HF 2688).

Sample Email Message

Dear Representative _________________:

I am contacting you today regarding the Omnibus Elections Bill, in particular, the school board vacancy section. As a school board member, there is a need to repeal the current law and allow school boards make an appointment when a seat is vacated.

Besides being a governing issue with some districts having to wait months to hold an election, the cost of special elections in both time and financial resources is burdensome and takes away from public school students’ education.

I ask you hear the Omnibus Elections Bill and move the bill forward.

Thank you for your service and your anticipated attention to this issue.


(Your Name, Title, School District)

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