A Juggling Act – update on the happenings at the Capitol

A Juggling Act – update on the happenings at the Capitol

CapitolHillBill3-28-2016Today at noon the omnibus tax bill will be heard in conference committee.  Here is a link to the bill.

Thank you to all who contacted their legislators, House Speaker Daudt and House Majority Leader Peppin. The omnibus elections bill will be heard on the House floor this Friday, May 20.  Please thank your House Representative and ask him/her to support SF 2381/HF 2688.

There are a number of balls up in the air right now and most likely they won’t hit the ground until sometime over the weekend. Transportation, taxes, and bonding are the biggest balls aloft right now. With the tax committee meeting today, we will get a glimpse as to what the tax relief package looks like.  The Supplemental Budget committee met last night, see upcoming blog); however it is at a standstill for now awaiting new targets. Floor sessions and conference committees, caucuses and more are all going on right now.

Be sure and check back here frequently for updates.

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