MSBA Legislative Action Alert: Share your top five concerns with lawmakers

MSBA Legislative Action Alert: Share your top five concerns with lawmakers


MSBA Legislative Action Alert

Share Your Top Five Concerns With Lawmakers

Thursday, May 12, 2016


THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOUR VOICE/ADVOCACY IS NEEDED! Supplemental budgets bills have been passed and are now with a conference committee to combine the language into one bill.

Sample Email
(Please send your email message to
MSBA’s Kimberley Dunn Lewis at

Dear State Leaders and Conferees:

Thank you for your work this session. As you work in conference committees to bring forth a single bill, please take into consideration our top five concerns:

  1. First, I support or oppose__________________________________________
  2. I support or oppose______________________________________________
  3. I support or oppose______________________________________________
  4. I support or oppose______________________________________________
  5. I support or oppose______________________________________________

Please continue to invest in all Minnesota students. Thank you for your service and your anticipated attention to this issue.


(Your Name, Title, School District)

Provisions MSBA supports:

Teacher Licensure

  • Creation of a task force or a work group to review the 2016 Office of the Legislative Auditor’s Report on teacher licensure with legislative recommendations from the work group. (Senate and House)
  • Creation of a Career and Technical Educator Licensing Task Force to review the current status of career and technical educator licenses and provide recommendations. (Senate)
  • Elimination of the expiration date for the licensing of part-time technical education instructors (House)
  • Requiring the Board of Teaching to issue one-year teaching licenses to applicants who holds or held an out-of-state teaching license to teach similar content fields and grade level. (Senate)
  • Allowing the Board of Teaching to grant two-year provisional license to candidates in shortage areas. (Senate)
  • Allowing the Board of Teaching to grant one-year emergency permission to non-licensed person based on a district’s demonstration of need. (Senate)

Local Decision Making and Flexibility

  • Permissiveness of civics education. (Senate)
  • Requiring negotiated Unrequested Leave of Absence plans between exclusive bargaining representative and school boards. (House)
  • Authorizes certain fund and account transfers ongoing and permanent (House)

Student Discipline

  • Creation of a Student Discipline Work Group to address aggression and violence in schools. (Senate)

Career & College Readiness

  • Guideline scores for MCA without the current restriction on higher education to assess and require remedial coursework. (House)
  • Requiring schools to notify the parent or guardian of the minor students’ score on Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. (Senate)

Provisions MSBA opposes:

Restricting Local Decision Making

  • Requiring a “personal learning plan” for every third-grade student who does not score proficient on the third-grade MCA computerized reading test and including retention as a possible consequence. (Senate)
  • Requiring a school district or charter school to, before the first day of school, publish a list of comprehensive tests along with a rationale for each test. (Senate)
  • Redesigning the District’s Advisory Committee in structure and purpose as it relates to standardized state and federal assessments. (Senate)
  • Mandating the establishment of a site team with equal number of administrators, teachers (and one parent) to advise; and requires the creation of an instruction and curriculum improvement plan. (Senate)
  • Allowing for collective bargaining agreements to include school climate and student and staff safety provisions. (House)

Student Surveys

  • Restricting the Minnesota Department of Education from playing a role in student surveys. (House)

Teacher Licensure

  • Requiring the Board of Teaching to issue an endorsement for dual enrollment for high school teachers licensed in a content-specific field compatible with faculty qualification requirements by Higher Learning Commission. (Senate)
  • Adding Adult Basic Education, Early Childhood Family Education and community education teachers, instructing college-bearing classes for students, to have continuing contract rights and included in Teacher Tenure Act. (Senate)
  • Requiring anyone who teaches physical education must hold a physical education license. ( Senate)

Administrative Burdens

  • Further disaggregation student categories beyond ESSA requirements. (House)
  • Adding additional goals to the World’s Best Workforce (WBWF) criteria prior to the initial three-year cycle. (Senate)
  • New reporting requirements in the annual WBWF report. (Senate)
  • Requiring a summary of the district efforts to evaluate and identify students’ with dyslexia or convergence insufficiency disorder due to the fact this is no accepted criteria for dyslexia and for the latter requires a medical diagnosis. (Senate)
  • Requiring a public meeting prior to the adoption, renewal or adjustment of the local optional revenue. (House)



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