House committee examines use of crumb rubber on athletic fields, playgrounds

House committee examines use of crumb rubber on athletic fields, playgrounds


The House Government Operations and Elections Committee held an informational hearing Wednesday on Rep. Karen Clark’s Athletic Fields and Playgrounds Crumb Rubber Bill (HF 3496). This bill had previously been offered as an amendment to the House Health and Human Services Bill — but failed.

MSBA is concerned about this provision due the impact on current or planned construction of athletic fields.crumb-rubber-fine

This bill is a reaction to health and environmental concerns arising from the use of crumb rubber on athletic fields and playgrounds. If passed, this bill would force our school fields using crumb rubber to post warning signs. The bill would also enact a moratorium until July 1, 2019, for any new crumb rubber fields and require a report to Legislature examining the effects on the environment and human health of athletic fields and playgrounds containing crumb rubber, including a study currently being conducted by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.

This bill would apply to counties, towns, cities, school districts, or any other municipal corporations or political subdivisions or subdivisions of the subdivision authorized by law.

Committee testimony consisted of three studies which supported the crumb rubber concerns in contrast to the more than 90 studies which supported the present use of crumb rubber. Though neither group made much headway Wednesday, both sides promised to come back and work on this issue again next year.

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