Conference committee adopts numerous E-12 provisions

Conference committee adopts numerous E-12 provisions


The Conference Committee on HF 2749 (Omnibus Supplemental Finance Bill) met Sunday evening and adopted many E-12 provisions. Here is a list of provisions adopted so far (as negotiations will continue):

Provisions MSBA supported:

  • Teacher Licensure — Creation of a task force or work group to review the 2016 Office of Legislative Auditor’s Report on teacher licensure with legislative recommendations from the work group.
  • Career and Technical Educator Licensure — Creation of a Career and Technical Educator Licensing Task Force to review current status of career and technical education licenses and provide recommendations.

Provisions MSBA opposed:

  • Testing Disclosure — Requiring a school district or charter school to, before the first day of school, publish a list of comprehensive tests along with rationale for each test and if it is local option or required by the state or federal law.
  • District Assessment Committee — Requiring a school district, without a collectively bargained agreement about selecting assessments to establish a committee to advise the school board on administering tests in addition to those required under state or federal law unless the district has a World’s Best Workforce advisory committee to serve this purpose. Requires a district’s assessment committee to include an equal number of teachers and administrators and at least one parent.
  • Site Team — Requiring a school’s site team under World’s Best Workforce law to include an equal number of teachers and administrators and at least one parent. Makes the site team responsible for creating an instruction and curriculum improvement plan.
  • Student Demographic Data — Directs the education commissioner to use student categories under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act and other student categories when organizing and reporting demographic data on students to policy makers.
  • Dyslexia Identification — Requiring school districts to summarize their efforts to evaluate and identify students with dyslexia or convergence insufficiency disorder.

Provisions MSBA supports, as amended:

  • Student Surveys — School districts and charter schools, in consultation with parents, must develop and adopt policies on conducting student surveys and using and distributing personal information on students collected from surveys. Parents must be notified directly, and districts cannot impose a penalty if a student opts out.

Other items of concern:

  • Physical Education — Requires the Department of Education to adopt the most recent national association of sport and physical education kindergarten through Grade 12 standards and benchmarks as required state academic standards. Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius expressed her concern during the hearing that it would cost $1.4 million over three years to implement.

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