MSBA at the Capitol — Rep. Erickson unveils Omnibus House Education Policy Bill

MSBA at the Capitol — Rep. Erickson unveils Omnibus House Education Policy Bill

Rep. Sondra Erickson unveiled her Omnibus Education Innovation Policy Bill during Tuesday’s House Education Innovation Policy Committee meeting.

The bill (HF 1591) follows some similar themes from Rep. Jenifer Loon’s HF 2 bill. All the proposed changes can be categorized into these areas:

  • teacher licensure,
  • unrequested leave of absence (ULA),
  • teacher development,
  • assessments, standards,
  • Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO),
  • early childhood education,
  • special education,
  • school calendar,
  • American Indian Act,
  • charter schools,
  • and reports repealed.

Click here for an overview of this bill.

MSBA is appreciative of the committee’s work that will attempt to resolve the teacher shortage by creating more pathways for licensing qualified teachers in the short-term as well as the long-term. Of course, we support the ULA language, which is identical to HF 2 and the flexibility for standards and the PSEO provisions will help reduce some of the roadblocks for students in pursuing college credit in high school.

The testing changes are challenging for us to support so we will continue to work through the suggestions that others are promoting as well.

There are many details that are very relevant to teaching and learning in our Minnesota schools. Please become familiar with this bill by perusing this overview.

Contact MSBA’s Government Relations team, your local legislators and education committee members with your thoughts. 

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