MSBA at the Capitol — House education committees glance at funding bills for programs

MSBA at the Capitol — House education committees glance at funding bills for programs

The House Education Innovation Policy Committee discussed three proposals Wednesday that were re-referred to the House Education Finance Committee.

Two of those bills (HF 859 and HF 947) were authored by Rep. Ron Kresha. HF 859 would provide funding for the Minnesota Council on Economic Education for providing staff development to teachers implementing state graduation standards in areas related to economic education. HF 947 would establish a grant program for before-school and after-school programs and services to children who qualify for free and reduced-price meals to enable those children to become productive adults and acquire skills and behaviors needed to succeed in postsecondary careers and education.

Another bill (HF 724), authored by Rep. Connie Bernardy, would provide school districts with full funding for the college concurrent enrollment program.

Committee also heard two other proposals. HF 768 (Rep. Joe Schomacker) would exempt the Hendricks School District from Minnesota’s tuition reciprocity statute and agreement with the state of South Dakota. HF 1075 (Rep. Sondra Erickson) would make retired principals who serve as short-call substitute principals subject to continuing education requirements applicable to licensed school principals.


The House Education Finance Committee heard two proposals Wednesday that would increase awareness of high-tech jobs and help assess students’ interests and aptitudes through hands-on experience with STEM equipment.

Rep. Jeff Backer’s bill (HF 555) would provide funding to the Lakes County Service Cooperative for expanding rural career and technical education in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Rep. Debra Kiel’s proposal (HF 774) would grant funding to the Pine to Prairie Cooperative Center to provide mobile manufacturing labs that would be shared between high schools.

Rep. Kiel also presented a proposal (HF 584) for additional funding for the Northwestern Online College in High School program. All of the bills we laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill.

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