MSBA at the Capitol — House committee wraps up mark-up of education policy bill

MSBA at the Capitol — House committee wraps up mark-up of education policy bill

The House Education Innovation Policy Committee marked up the House Education Omnibus Policy Bill (HF 1591) Thursday in plenty of time to meet the first deadline.

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On the other hand, the Senate Education Committee is still in the process of marking up their policy bill and will meet on Friday for as long as it takes. The difference is that the House has a rule that requires all amendments to be submitted 24 hours in advance of the scheduled hearing.

So the House Omnibus Education Policy Bill will go to the House Education Finance Committee. Several amendments were offered by both parties and most of them received bipartisan support, which is uncommon. As Rep. Jim Davnie noted as the committee began, “Today is usually one of the most partisan days of the session.”

The minority members on the committee complimented Chair Rep. Sondra Erickson for respectful way she ran the committee. DFL members made one final attempt to eliminate the “last in, first out” (LIFO) repeal and replace Rep. Peggy Bennett’s testing bill with Gov. Mark Dayton’s testing-reduction proposal.

Click here for an overview of the House Omnibus Education Policy Bill.

Click here for the Senate Omnibus Education Policy Bill (as of March 19). We will post the final version of the Senate policy bill as soon as the committee adjourns. Click here to view this committee’s schedule for today.

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