14 Days of Advocacy: Work your network

14 Days of Advocacy: Work your network



Parent organizations can have many names (Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Parent Association), but they all bring together one thing — involved parents. Parents care deeply about their student’s learning experience and outcomes. Once knowledgeable about issues in your district, parents are great advocates to share their stories with legislators.



Find out when and where your parent groups meet. Contact the president or the school principal to provide you with the details. Larger school districts may have a group meeting where a representative from each parent group attends. Choose a topic important to you and the community. MSBA is happy to provide you with talking points and background to issues.


1. If you can, arrive a little early and mingle. It’s a great time to learn more about the parents — what grade their student is in, how many students they have in the district or school, and what they enjoy about participating in the parent group.

2. Share your information about your topic.

3. Identify one action item and provide the first step to how to get involved.

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