14 Days of Advocacy: Review MSBA’s Legislative Priorities

14 Days of Advocacy: Review MSBA’s Legislative Priorities


Ready …

MSBA recently introduced its priorities for the 2016 legislative session. Though it is a short session, we must all share MSBA’s legislative priorities with our legislators for there to be discussion and movement. Although it’s not a budget year, the state has an estimated $1.2 billion surplus and education will be discussed.

Our platform is based on three belief statements:

1. MSBA believes the state has a constitutional mandate to adequately fund our schools. A portion of the state surplus should be targeted to our schools to ensure every student is prepared to positively contribute to a strong 21st century economy.

2. MSBA believes these priorities will provide the support our school boards require as they strive to meet World’s Best Workforce goals.

3. MSBA believes there are many unfunded requirements and inequities in our education finance system. Consequently, we should concentrate on funding the current requirements before adding new programs or requirements.

Set …

In the next few days, we will highlight a legislative priority and provide you with talking points to aid in your advocacy.

Go …

1. Visit https://www.mnmsba.org/Portals/0/PDFs/2016-MSBA-LegislativePriorities.pdf to print off MSBA’s 2016 Legislative Priorities sheet.

2. Highlight one or two priorities which are an immediate concern or issue for your school district.

3. Write down two to three immediate impacts to your school district.

4. Watch for more talking points in upcoming blog posts regarding the 14 Days of Advocacy campaign.


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