14 Days of Advocacy: It’s all in the op-ed

14 Days of Advocacy: It’s all in the op-ed



“It’s just someone’s opinion …”

“I read an editorial …”

These statements will somehow find a way into many conversations. People seek to be informed and want to discuss what is happening in the world. In OUR world of education, there are many issues our school districts deal with each day. Many community members would like to understand them more. A great way to share relevant, factual information is to write a letter to the editor of your local and/or community newspaper.


Write a letter to the editor to your local or community newspaper (be brief, use 200 words of less) using this template:

Introduction paragraph: The first paragraph should be an introduction to one or two general facts about your school district. What are the financial difficulties facing your district? How do they impact academic achievement?

Body of letter: “Minnesota’s education system has served this economy well. The state’s current surplus, has in part, been contributed by those educated in Minnesota. Public education funds have not kept pace with inflation and still lag. The 2016 Legislature must keep their constitutional responsibility and dedicate a portion of the current surplus to the education general fund. An increase of 1 percent to the basic education per pupil funding formula would significantly help stabilize our schools.”

Closing paragraph: “Thank you for your past support. We appreciate you realizing Minnesota’s fiscal responsibility and helping all of us reach goals for the children of Minnesota.”


1. Google the name of your local or community newspaper and go to the site.

2. Find the “Contact Us” area. Most papers will have an online form to complete. If not, you can mail your submission to the paper at the address located.

Share your letter to the editor with us! Send your letter to MSBA’s Kim Lewis at klewis@mnmsba.org and we will post it on MSBA’s Capitol Connections.

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