14 Days of Advocacy: Attend legislators’ town hall meetings

14 Days of Advocacy: Attend legislators’ town hall meetings




Forums, round tables and coffee shop discussions with your state representatives are all great ways to get and share information.

Many legislators hold town hall meetings before, during and/or after session. Town hall meetings are an opportunity for them to share the issues expected to be raised during the legislative session. The meetings also offer constituents a chance to participate in question-and-answer sessions. Many conversations evolve around property taxes, transportation and, of course, education.


Some legislators also host information listening sessions at local coffee shops. As an elected official, you’re often the one people seek out. This is a unique opportunity for you to share what is important to you as a school board member and the students you represent.


This is prime time for town hall meetings before the legislative session starts on Tuesday, March 8. State lawmakers are out in their legislative districts and want to hear from constituents before the session starts. Check your representative’s Web page for town hall meetings or other events. Can’t find a meeting? Call your representative’s office and inquire or schedule a time to get together in your district for coffee and a chat. Bring another school board member and a parent or teacher. Bring your legislative platform or share MSBA’s Legislative Priorities.


Visit http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/caucuses.asp to find information on your representative’s town hall meetings, news and more.



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