The MSBA Insurance Trust (MSBAIT) was established by the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) as a nonprofit vehicle. MSBAIT’s purpose was — and continues to be — “to provide for its members and their employees and officials various forms of insurance, including any forms of permitted group insurance, for the benefit of school districts which are members of the MSBA and to effectuate cost savings in the procurement and administration of such insurance programs.”

In 1972, MSBAIT offered only an endorsed property/casualty insurance plan for its members (endorsing Cigna/INA as the carrier). However, over the years, MSBAIT’s various Boards of Trustees listened to MSBA members, wisely judged the insurance climate and marketplace, and modified MSBAIT’s offerings as follows.

1979 — MSBAIT introduced the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program, the endorsed National Insurance Services’ Long-Term Disability Insurance Program, and the endorsed National Union Fire Insurance Company’s School Leaders Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance Program.

1980 — MSBAIT introduced the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Health/Dental Insurance Program and the endorsed National Insurance Services’ Group Term Life Insurance Program.

1986 — MSBAIT replaced the endorsed property/casualty insurance program with the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Property/Casualty Insurance Program.

1991 — MSBAIT replaced the endorsed errors and omissions insurance program with the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured School Leaders Legal Liability Insurance Program.

1993 — MSBAIT introduced the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Accident Plan for School District Volunteers and the endorsed Midwest Professional Services’ Employee Assistance Program.

1997 — MSBAIT discontinued the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Health/Dental Insurance Program.

2009 — MSBAIT placed the MSBAIT Group Self-Insured Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs in abeyance and endorsed Riverport Insurance Company’s Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs.

2016 — MSBAIT introduced the MSBAIT Risk Protection Program developed by Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC and supported by multiple property, casualty and compensation insurers.

While MSBAIT does not solicit, sell, or negotiate insurance products or services, it does provide resources to MSBA members to help them and their insurance agents assess members’ risk management needs and concerns.

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